How we work


You know what's on our mind

We  ask questions, a lot. We want to understand, what problem are you trying to solve.

Then, we write a ‘discovery’ conclusion. It explains how we understand your project and how are we going to solve it. There's no unexpected results. 


Your project is our project

When we design and develop for you, we treat the project like our own. So even if you have your own development team and only need design assistance from us—we’ll stay with you until launch. Because we sign under each decision we make for you, we will oversee the development and make sure everything is implemented correctly. For us, this is the only way to do it. The product is still yours of course.


The project is always ready


...but its details are in progress. We use the progressive JPEG method to build products. So as soon as we have the simplest sketches ready, we start development right away. And if we need to ship sooner, we’ll make adjustments to do so.


There's no handoff

We don’t have scenarios when the designer comes out of their little cave after being unreachable for weeks to present their beautiful work to the client, only for a programmer to see the result and say it’s impossible to build. Or worse—has nothing to say at all.

Instead, we practice parallel development. It minimizes the chance of details slipping through the cracks between design and development, maximizing the speed of our entire process. On top of that, our clients are included in each step of the process, with access to all the design files or mid-development progress. This ensures everything is on track and everyone knows where we’re going.


We only speak with people who are responsible for final decisions

Our clients are business owners. We invite them to collaborate from the beginning of the project. We’ll happily share updates with anybody involved, but only accept feedback from those who are responsible for making final decisions. Usually, this is the CEO.


LANKO is a small digital design & development agency that helps small businesses and startups with websites, apps, and internal tools.

Based in Los Angeles and Ukraine, we’re a flexible team of 2 who work remotely with the entire world.


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