What we do

In short—we help you launch your product to start your digital business following the Minimum Viable Product model. And we do it on time.

But what's the MVP limit to launch it on time?

We help launch digital products and features fast, keeping the door for future improvements opened. We’re not interested in a year long iterations.

In the digital products development it is almost impossible to foresee all the niceties. So it often happens that the project is not going the path it was initially expected to go. By going through the dark forest of unexpected bugs and false estimates, people taking more time to finish the project because they still faithfully want to make the project in the best quality possible. But it becomes late.

This happens to us too, surely.

So how do we do it?

We believe it's better to be flexible, rather than too self-confident.

Inspired by Basecamp, we apply the “FFF” method. It stands for “Fixed timeline, Fixed budget, Flexible scope”.

We Fix the timeline. Yup, we set the deadline just like anyone else. Of course teams are often late with releases. Software is hard, estimation especially! But we never shift the deadline and release as planned.

no deadlines are postoponed if we're not getting on time

We Fix the budget. Since the timeline is fixed, we don’t need to expand the budget. And because the team is already allocated at the Discovery phase, we don’t invite anybody new. Onboarding new project members would only complicate things.

we don't extend the money budget if something's off

We Flex the scope. So after making all those bold statements, how do we deliver? Well, if the only thing flexible left—is the functionality or ‘the scope’.

To finish the project on time, we sacrifice some of the planned features. In fact, the final solution may not even be the one that we initially plan if it saves us time.

“The project is always ready” principle also helps with this.

there's a project goal, but the methods may of reaching it vary during the project

So you will do less for the same money?

No. We’re promising to launch a product that will work. But during the project journey, the methods that were designed to achieve a set of goals may change from what we initially planned.

Everything can be launched… but later

This is not the official slogan for Lazytown. It’s about your product being flexible and focused on the stuff that matters.

Do you really need an animated bear at the end of a mailing list subscription by launch?

Or do you need the subscription form to be lightning fast?

SpaceX didn’t start with launching people to space (or even Teslas). The first iPhone didn’t have a calculator, and Dropbox launched with just a video explanation of how it will work.

The point is, you don’t need to build Amazon to take some of its market.

end of the project—is the beginning of your proudct. You can start making it perfect after day 1.

‘It’s better to make half a product than a half-assed product.’
—“Getting Real


LANKO is a small digital design & development agency that helps small businesses and startups with websites, apps, and internal tools.

Based in Los Angeles and Ukraine, we’re a flexible team of 2 who work remotely with the entire world.


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