Free news community

Yoda โ€” is a new community website in Belarus, where everyone can post news articles, memes, and write to their own blogs. The agency has designed and programmed the first MVP of the website.

Jun 22โ€”Sep 7, 2020



As usual, during the Discovery phase, we thoroughly document the scope of the project.

To document and separate the must-have features versus those that can wait, we created 2 user story maps: for the desktop and the mobile versions.


Yup, still Russian. Sorry c:

Secure, passwordless authorization

To save some time (and get more modern), we decided to avoid the login-password authorization pair method.

Instead, we went with One-Time Password method with a "magic link" sent to the e-mail.


Authorization dialog with just an e-mail field.

No-CMS content edit

Everyone can publish articles on the website. So we designed the interface in a way that it would look the same no matter what are the user's permissions.

Components system foundation

While working on design, we've built a small set of atomic modules that will help iterate on future updates of the product and increase the speed of experiments.


The end

Product Designer, Front-end
Igor Lanko

Backend Programmer
Denys Petrov

Special thanks
A. P.

Start โ€” Jun 22, 2020.
Launch โ€” Sep 7, 2020.

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